Classic pilates with a modern twist

Hi I’m Kia!

I’m a certified Pilates Instructor in Woodland Hills CA


What is Pilates?

A series of exercises that promotes strength, Stability, Length, and Flexibility to all your muscles groups! It creates Mind/body connection. Not to mention, it will make you HOT!

6 Key Principles of the Pilates Method

Pilates With Kia - 6 Principles of Pilates: Centering
1: Centering
Pilates focuses on strengthening the “Powerhouse”, or the Core. All Pilates movements originate from the Powerhouse. From the shoulders down to the hip joints. This is the framework that centers the body
Pilates With Kia - 6 Principles of Pilates: Concentration
2: Concentration

“It is the mind that guides the body.” All five aspects of the mind- Intelligence, Intuition, Imagination, Will, and Memory- are incorporated into each Pilates exercise. Movement / exercise is more effective with concentration

Pilates With Kia - 6 Principles of Pilates: Control
3: Control

Pilates = “The Art of Contrology!” using centering and concentration, one can find control of all movements of the body. Every exercise is done with complete control of the muscles

Pilates With Kia - 6 Principles of Pilates: Precision
4: Precision

Each Pilates exercise should be performed with great attention to detail. Pilates movements were created with a precise goal to achieve the full benefit. For each movement pattern there is a comprehensive structure, an explicit form, and an ideal dynamic. Quality not quantity

Pilates With Kia - 6 Principles of Pilates: Breath
5: Breath

The focus of the Pilates breath is on the exhalation. The exercises are all intended to be performed to the rhythm of the breath

Pilates With Kia - 6 Principles of Pilates: Flow
6: Flow

Pilates exercise lines are intended to be a flowing sequence executed with a vigorous dynamic. The transitions are designed with a minimum of movement in order to achieve maximum flow



Such an amazing class today, I actually have been noticing results!

YOU GOT ME GOOD! Just got up after sitting for 4 hours and I am feeling it!

Hi Kia! The class was great, hard at some points but I loved it! My shoulders are a little sore and my abs are very sore haha.

I’m sooooo excited…for the first time in my life I feel sore in my tummy…I actually feel I have muscles there…lol You’re just amazing, truly! THANK YOU!

Holy shit Kia! My butt cheeks are sore, my pelvis! And this morning somehow my ribs bones were contracting… every time I walk I think of you!

I’m going to miss you so much. I really love you I hope you know that you have transformed my life!

I really am enjoying your Zoom classes. I needed a change from my usual Barry’s workouts. I think the passion you have for this comes through… that’s why it’s so fun for me to come often because your energy is really great!

I LOVED LOVED class today! Thank you again for being such an inspiring, resourceful teacher.

Hi Kia, I miss your classes! Wednesday mornings with you was one of the best things I did during quarantine. Thank you also for offering your classes by donation or trial, as that encouraged me to give it a try with less pressure and see if I liked Pilates at all. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was to do a live class in the privacy of my own space. Anyway, you gave wonderful classes!